Garden Roof System

Beauty & sophisticated technology meet
to create the gardenroof system

GardenRoof System is the first to introduce an Extensive Roof System in Singapore. Designed for both Extensive and Intensive roof application, the concept behind GardenRoof System is to retain as much precipitation in the growing medium and the reservoir cum drainage layers as the structural loading capacity will allow. This integrated system consists of:

Selections of Plants

GardenRoof System has undergone field trials for more than 10 years in Singapore to ensure that our selected plants are able to thrive naturally on as little as 75mm of substrate in tropical conditions.

  • Only plants that pass the harshest, most stringent trials are utilized.
  • Plants are specially selected for their hardiness, drought tolerance, resistance to disease and appearance.
  • Minimal maintenance is required – no watering (unless rain is absent for more than a month), no weeding or pruning.
  • A wide range of colorful and hardy plants can be used to create every imaginable design by our experienced landscape consultant.


A reservoir and drainage mat of 25mm protected by a layer of polypropylene woven staple fibres.

Gardenlite – Planting Medium

  • A lightweight formula of pumice stone, expanded ceramics, sand, compost, peat, polymer and slow release fertilizers.
  • The planting medium is specially blended according to the types of plants used for each individual project.
  • The success of the GardenRoof System is in its unique technique of creating the right blend of planting medium according to the plants used.
  • This substrate layer is only 75mm thick.